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A Resource For Book Lovers in Bangkok


Bangkok Books is a labour of love; by book lovers, for book lovers.

In so many ways, Bangkok is an attack on the senses — colour, smell, noise, taste — and an incredibly provocative, inspiring city for writers and readers alike.

Bangkok Books is a living resource that will be continually updated. We hope to compile a list of all the bookshops in Bangkok – both secondhand and new – as well as all the books written on this city and, eventually, Thailand at large.


  1. Hi there – I am an artist living in Bangkok and am looking to buy a large amount of books (I estimate about 1000).
    I am hoping to get some old science or mathematics books.

    Could you help me buy suggesting where I could find some second hand ones? In most countries I can buy them for their weight, as the content does not matter as long as the context is correct. Any help would be massively appreciated 🙂

    Thank you,

    • admin

      Hi Charles. I think your best best would be to inquire with Dasa Books ( on the Sukhumvit Road. They’re the best stocked second-hand bookshop in Bangkok and should be able to direct you to more specialist sources if necessary.

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